Happiness is All Around Us

I think something that’s often discussed in plenty of blogposts as well as every day life or podcasts is the discussion of happiness. Yet, why is it such a goal when it’s already around us?

It’s a process of searching for something that we will soon realise is already upon us. We aren’t here to find it, we’re here to live it. To live alongside this feeling, experience and emotion. We over complicate it really, it’s just because our world is so focussed on happiness through material possession that it’s now being distanced from us.

Thing is, we only have a limited amount of time which is the most feared thing in our very existence but it’s how we live it that truly matters. So, despite time being a wreck in the quest for eternal life, it holds the benefit of allowing us to figure out what truly works for us. This should be enjoyable as well as difficult but the main thing is to do this while being happy. Enjoying that around us. Not searching to be happy but acknowledging the happiness that already exists in our lives and just living with it.

That is how to be happy with your life. It’s not a mystery but a mind trick that we’ve taught ourselves to feel we can’t be happy until we have certain things but it’s rather the opposite.

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