The Simple Life of Philosophy

What I’ve noticed is that philosophy is becoming more and more simplified. It’s a time of change from the long essays that go on about a topic that explores into every corner of possible thinking related to the argument. It’s a simple life now. Minimalism runs through our lives, less people want to read lengthened versions as to why I’ve found my blogposts attract more with simplified posts.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy a long essay to dive into a world of random thought processes that have to be documented but what I also like is that philosophy being simplified is correlating to the world around us. As Philosophy has through history.

Philosophy in life can now be a simply idea. I like to think that we can live existential experiences within a simple manor. Live life without finding it stressful because our life is now about the moment and the life we live in now. Appreciating everything around us and loving what we can enjoy and think about in this life.

It’s about simplicity, living with simplicity and writing philosophy simply for a simpler life that is enjoyable. Simple isn’t the boring life people talk about. It’s about accepting our existence and knowing what we can do to live in the moment we love. Simple in my philosophy is defined by acknowledging the truth. I acknowledge the truth and am happy. Simply happy. Simple happy.

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