Truth or Dare (2018) Film Review

“The face looks like a snapchat filter”.

First off I want to say that this line is within the film and I don’t know whether they wanted it to catch on to Snapchat but it’s just a weird face that isn’t scary enough for the film. The line also reflects how disappointing the humour is too.

Plot: A group of teenagers go on a final spring break trip to Mexico where they want to party hard but end up tied into a real game of truth or dare and if you lie or don’t do the dare then as you can imagine- you die. Olivia (Lucy Hale) is probably the main character as it more or less follows her storyline with sub-plots of other characters. The truth or dare game is cursed by a spirit named Calex (Gary Williams’ voice). He wants more people to join the game and there appears to be no way out of the game unless you do some ritual including taking a tongue and putting it in some jar which makes for a very dramatic ending…won’t spoil too much.

Other than that, it’s just as you can guess. It also stars Lucas (Tyler Posey), Markie (Violett Beane) and Sophia (Penelope Amari). They have some truths and dares and evidently some deaths as well as dramas.


  • Good to watch if you’re bored.
  • Occasional jump scare.
  • Some really good scenes that are genuinely interesting to watch.
  • Plot was good although very cliché.


  • Cliché as said above, it’s a typical teen film that isn’t very memorable.
  • It could have been done a lot better to say it was produced by people of happy death day which I thought was really good in comparison to this.
  • Face of the evil dude that was put on everyone’s face wasn’t scary, it was just plain weird.
  • Dreadful ending.

Overall Conclusion:

This is a good film for a once off but it let’s itself down in many elements that ultimately make the film very average. It’s got it’s moments but I feel it could have been done to a lot better standard without the tedious deaths they included rather than something a bit more exciting like being dared to go crash the royal wedding or something then having to shoot one of the royal family. I should have written this film…

I’d recommend watching it but don’t get your hopes up, please.

Truth or Dare (2018) on IMDb4.5/10

TRoaW: 4.8/10

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