The Simple Life Philosophy Two

As I’ve already done one of these, it’s necessary to continue on about enjoying the simple things. Why? Because they often have a huge affect on everything else.

Don’t get me wrong, all these amazing things and experiences we can live are still great like skydiving or going travelling but what I want to talk about is that unless the simple things are appreciated, a whole lot can go wrong.

It’s not too hard to write about as it’s a simple thing. It’s about that existentialist appreciation, understanding our existence in some sense and feeling the world around us, embrace us as much as we should embrace the world.

Appreciation: Don’t take family, friends or these experiences you’ve lived for granted. These are foundations for our everyday lives, not the material satisfaction but the internal satisfaction of how we feel.

Speak Your Mind: By doing so, you don’t hold grudges or lie to people. It’s about learning to be who you are and say the truth, no-one deserves a false satisfaction. By speaking your mind, you don’t hold onto things and you can see the world for what it is rather than manipulating it.

Use Your Senses: This one is important in a different manor, it’s about knowing that we have this crazy position in which we don’t really have the answers for before and after our lives but we do know what happens right now. It’s about seeing these trees as individuals, feeling the bark and it’s energy, listening to the wind and that around us. Acknowledging all that’s going on. Like something Sartre would often describe as Nausea. I see it as a way of seeing the truth in the world that many often just pass off as simply, ‘existing’.

What I wanted to do with this post is highlight that it’s about having good foundations that you can progress and be happy. It’s the simple things that develop over the years and these are the things that ultimately matter most when you look back. The things that cause you greatest happiness.


Let me know what you think is vital to happiness in comments or email if you like?


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