The Greatness Within You

A future that we will be living on greatly depends on us as a species.

I want you to think about that because it’s simple really. We live in a society that is extremely dependent on celebrities and role models who seem to have more say in teenagers lives than anyone else. I’ll admit, I’ve been influenced too and it’s only when you really take a step back that you realise what you’re doing and that you need to become your own person, not someone else.

See, everyone is different, no doubt about it so why do we try be so conventional? I get fitting in is what we feel necessary but where are the people who stand out? Who give you a reason to communicate and find joy in life rather than the same old ordinary people. These ordinary people who have a ‘different look’ that many people follow.

Honestly, I get that people want to be someone greater than who they are now but that doesn’t mean striving to be someone else. Being the best version of you is the best you can be.

Think of the way Pokémon evolve into better forms (majority of the time), it’s similar in that you’re continually developing yourself into someone that you want to be. So, rather than developing into this seldom, normal person- do something you’ve always wanted to do and just live how you really want to. Whether it’s being a professional javelin thrower or some kind of watch maker surfer dude who owns a café. Be the best you with the greatness within you.

I’d love to hear from you guys on anything similar if you have any ideas:)

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