This World Should be Better

I wanted to write today about our world. A world that is drowned in greed and hurt as people thrive to take more and give less.

A place where even charity can be questioned when considering the amount that has been raised through children in need. Yet, is progress really happening?

We should be able to have reports on where the moneys going. A search engine named Ecosia do this to really see the impact of where money goes. Continuing, think about your life. The one where you have these responsibilities and challenges to take on each day.

Everyone is going through things everyday that take a toll. So why aren’t we more considerate as a generation when so many people work hard?

We should be living a better life and the only way to do so is to do the best version of you. Hope it rubs off on others and the concept of money can be spent developing and nurturing our world and those around us.

So many people live in dreadful conditions,animals are dying out in the wild and more houses are being built every day. It’s awful but its the way we live.

I for one hope that people start to gain some sense and take initiative to do something because far as I can see now. We are stuck in a divided world that is blinded by ignorance.

Sort yourself out and spread knowledge and love. Only way to go really.

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