Living Free

Something that really strikes out to me when we dive into existentialism and phenomenology is that most of the time, we simply forget to look around and take our time.

I believe it’s at the time of ‘The Outsider’ by Camus that the main character finally see’s how his life was lived to the best and that he did appreciate the simple, apparently boring life that we all live as it finishes leading up to his death.

It’s no mystery we are here on this earth and no matter if you sometimes have one of those thoughts where you question what our purpose is, it’s entirely up to you.

Think about it, we are living in a society that conforms massively to rules and laws that go back centuries. We live due to these companies ran by ‘them’ whereas we should be talking about ‘us’ and our own being. Our own existence. This is your decision.

Let’s be honest; it’s only due to being brought into this structure that we live as we do. A huge part of who we are is a contingent chain of infinite causes and hereditary factors as well as our environment that sets us up for life. Even now, my writing and ideas have been influenced by others.

Yet, is influence and direct cause the same thing? No, I think where a lot of people go wrong is that we are instantly fixated on doing what we are made to or indirectly taught too without choosing ourselves.

We may not know what happens at the end of this life but we should be appreciative for having the opportunity to make our mark and enjoy it for what it is. We’ve had such a who impact on the world around us and it appears that majority is negative yet the truth is, we just don’t know what happens after.

Being influenced to listen to ideas and communicate is key rather than just following on otherwise we won’t reach any further development than we are now. It’s entirely up to us what we do. We aren’t made to work for anyone or buy an iPhone. Only influenced.

So, if we are free to make these decisions about how we live and what we do with this life then surely we’re better off living a free life. One that’s free from so much stress and is a healthy and full of love. Not going to matter if you’re 89 and earned an extra £100 one week, it’s about the experience and life you live that matters.

Don’t be tied down, live free.

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