What The Health Documentary

I was drawn back to the ‘What The Health’ documentary that’s on Netflix today. It’s produced by the same people as, ‘Cowspiracy’ which you should probably watch if you haven’t already. If you think it sounds fishy then Leonardo Di Caprio personally rang up Netflix in order to get ‘WTH’ out to the world due to ‘being obsessed’ with the previous Cowspiracy.

What struck me is the blind nature which so many of us are now embedding within us. Processed meat has a correlation directly linked to increasing chances of diabetes and heart disease. This is increased by 51% if you eat just one piece of processed meat a day.

To simplify this, when you eat meat, in minutes a burst of inflammation hits your arteries from the toxins within the meat. This will continue to happen and it won’t just burn away as many people think.

Processed meat is classed as a class one carcinogen, on the same level as tobacco. This means it has the same impact on your health as smoking. It’s only due to the trillion pound industry that this isn’t seen as a big deal. Only 5% of Cancer is genetic meaning a lot of heart disease and so forth can hugely benefit from not eating meat. Within the documentary, there are examples of people who take 16 drugs a day and then after changing their diet to plant-based, they no longer end up needing these prescriptions that doctors claim they need.

If you are thinking, what’s the point in the drugs they prescribe then? Well, it’s estimated around 20% of the drugs made are actually given to humans with 80% given to livestock within 450 drugs being put into some of these animals. Mainly due to sponsors and the profitability out of it all. Prescription drugs are way to make huge amounts of money with the U.S making 1.5 trillion dollars through treatment for heart disease and similar health affects. They aren’t going to stop this if it’s making such a huge profit.

sponsor photo

With all this is mind, there is plenty I haven’t included in this and I’ll elaborate another time. The summary I want is for you to watch the documentary if you can and try out a new diet yourself. See if you feel better as the chances are- you will.

We aren’t designed to eat meat, look at our teeth! Some of the biggest mammals on earth such as the Rhino or Gorilla eat a plant-based diet and look at them! You don’t need to eat meat, it’s only from the huge industry that has formed from this that the agricultural livestock industry isn’t being talked about more.

This sole industry is the leading cause for habitat loss, deforestation, green house gases, ocean dead-zones, species extinction and fresh-water consumption.

The issues that are drastically affecting our lives as well as animals and the planet, are all in the hands of our day-to-day choices.



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