Can we Live a Good Life?

The reason this is being brought to my attention is because of the growing concern over climate change. I for one cannot even look outside on a hot day and think about anything other than the concern of climate change. Is it because the message is finally out there that it’s on peoples minds?

The hard part to admit is that not enough seems to be happening. I’m sure all of us have seen at least one of David Attenborough’s documentaries! If a 93 year old legend isn’t enough to convince the country to try harder, what will be enough?

We’ve seen extinction rebellion protests for the last couple months that have been accompanied by youth strikes 4 climate that have been occurring on Fridays. Endless documentaries and news stories that highlight just how poor the current system is at responding to the issues affecting the planet. How has this wake up call not been enough?

Although fortunately, we are seeing the likes of Greta Thunberg meet with Politicians, the prime minister herself didn’t actually attend the meeting! Instead, choosing a state visit and a banquet with Donald Trump, a huge climate denier, as the alternative. Luckily, those in power are seeing how drastic the climate change is affecting us and while it may look like nothing is changing and whether a blogpost can have any contribution whatsoever to helping- there is hope.

Plastic reductions are a huge and supermarkets are definitely paying attention to the annoyance at plastic. Companies are finding sustainable palm oil and customers are speaking out when they aren’t happy. It’s a slow process but there are advancements. On top of this, trees are being planted along with growing trust in renewable energy like solar and wind. It’s these changes that are helping along with taking part in green initiatives, donating to wildlife companies and being wise on food choices. Even in McDonald’s, they are growing their vegan and vegetarian range. Hopefully others take notice and do the same because although these decisions may appear small, they go along way.

So, can we live a good life? The question is difficult to answer because there appears to be so much talk of emergencies and divide going on lately. The truth is that we can accept the blame, be responsible for turning things around so that future generations can see how we solved one of humanities greatest problems- climate change.

It’s either we get ourselves together, do our bit, enjoy ourselves while doing so. Or- we end up like the humans in WALL-E.


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