Free Will in the Modern Environment

Free Will is often debated about and discussed but the difficulty of the concept is it’s clear ambiguity over the truth of it.

I for one hope that we have some form of freedom to live our lives peacefully in this world. It is becoming harder to find belief in a world that is slowly giving into the human impact of climate change and industrialisation. The world is being destroyed and we’re just sitting around as though it will sort itself out.

For that reason alone, it is possible to look at two arguments over free will. On the one hand- the planets in our control so we have the capacity to make the change if we choose too use our free will as such. On the other hand, our society has become so fixated on the exchange value of goods and a quality of life that completely depends on material goods that our free will is taken away.

To expand on this, one only has to look at how plastic has been mass produced to the point it is estimated to out populate fish in the ocean by 2050. Even with that fact that is just over 30 years away- we are just as bad as we were. It is impossible to live a life that isn’t hindered by some huge corporation throwing material objects in our faces unless we take ourselves off the map. I tried to do everything I could to reduce plastic intake and yet the supermarkets still think it’s necessary to put foil over cucumbers. Local shops cannot compete with prices and so, the true quality of helping the environment and shopping local isn’t possible anymore. Our free will has been limited completely to what these elitists want us to see. I understand I’m coming across rather harsh because obviously there is some effort to reduce plastic but it’s simply not good enough. The drive for profit has far outweighed the fundamental need for a future of our species and planet.

Therefore, we are left grasping on straws, literally. The debate over free will has stemmed thousands of years but now we are faced with not wondering if there is God who allows free will but whether society allows it. Sartre was right,

“Man is condemned to be free; once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.”

The responsibility is all we can take for our actions now. Our ability to fight back against the societal restrictions is the only true possibility of having free will again. It will be the sole decision as an agent of humanity to join the community of those wanting a future that provides the freedom we so much desire. A life away from debt and inequality. One where we are free to be humans again, to communicate and live for a purpose. Not just for profit. That is when our free will is returned.


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