Can We All Be Happy?

Can we? That’s the question we should really ask ourselves.

It’s difficult to live without upsetting someone or taking advantage of them and it’s worrying to think about but in a way, it’s not actually possible?

To be happy, in my words, is to be able to live without worry and being able to just be you.

This is the primary issue right there, ‘being you’. What does that even mean? I can ask that and so many of us could talk and think for hours about whether that actually means anything. Whether we are being ourselves or what society has created us to be.

Perhaps, this is where the issue truly starts: society.

Everybody knows by know the influence that society has and especially through the media, we’ve began constructing these expectations of people and it’s having this dangerous affect on us that’s blind to so many like what’s that about?!

Being happy is so hard to do without pretending nowadays. We lose track of ourselves and who we want to be because we’re so interested in everybody else. Yet, the truth is the hardest to face because I don’t know how to fix that.

We can try removing ourselves from technology and losing touch from it all but then you find your friends are only able to contact you through a phone. We can try all these ways of finding ourselves but we never really know if it’s working or not and by the time it should have worked, we’ve reverted back to occasionally checking facebook or something similar.

It’s so difficult to live in the world today and many people don’t realise that. Opportunities are so hard to come by and even by working most your life, a lot of people barely make a penny. We all go to University now and can get a degree in anything. Everyone has a degree and everyone can get any job so what are we all suppose to do?

The world seems to be struggling as well as every species living among it, including us. So, I propose we all try sort this out. One way or another, the only way to do so is keep trying and keep on pushing for the best in ourselves, not what others want or desire us to do. But, for ourselves because that’s where all the magic begins people.

Go run or read or whatever it is you really want to do because it’s a start. Don’t just sit in and swipe down twitter for ages, make something of yourself to admire. I can’t stress enough the importance of realising what makes you happy because at the end of the day, only by being happy yourself and truly acknowledging the amazing world around us and the people on it, can we be happy with our existence.

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