Time for a Change in the World

Life is great, it really isn’t it?

Then why is everyone so depressed about everything? You can walk down the road and try say hello to each person you pass and most will greet you with either a strange look or ignore you and carry on rushing about to try get ahead of the day to complete another task that is probably pointless in the long run.

We should just stop. Stop and appreciate what’s around us and understand that everything we do within our day is filled with meaning and holds a great place in creating your day to be as productive and interesting as it possibly can be.

Rather than simply finding our day as a miserable set of hours until you can get to the weekend, think of it as a way of having one extra day where you are living and surrounded by meaning in everything. From what you eat to what you walk past, it all has meaning as long as you choose to accept that meaning is real.

What I mean by this is that all the world around us is filled with these ‘things’ to take up places in the world. These things are all existing at the same time as you are reading this and creating a sense of purpose for itself in the sense that it provides meaning like a tree is able to sustain life while also holding beauty within it as a way to improve our natural scenery. A drink of coffee holds the right amount of coffee to suit your preference and kick-start your day to allow you to be productive. By finding meaning in everything, you realise that life is so much better. Taking a minute of your day to simply appreciate that around you and allow yourself to be present in the moment as this allows you to acknowledge existence which is the prime element of everything around us. Awesome really.

From this post, I’m trying to get at that we all seem to be in a state of panic and distress to find the next great moment and find a sense of fulfilment or meaning in our lives but the truth is- it’s always been here. Meaning is all around us and the very concept of your own existence is worth taking a moment to appreciate and understand that existence is what makes this planet work and you are existence.

Without existence, there would be no meaning in the world. Don’t rush around like there’s only one day of the week that matters. Enjoy every day because the fact that we are here, existing and able to find and create meaning from everything around us proves just how incredible our lives truly are.

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